Financial Reports 2019


Growing vegetables in the backyard has been a practice to a typical Bakundu Family. Unfortunately, many of us who live in rural communities or cities turn to neglect this practice even with open land space in our backyard. Consequently, we rely on our local grocery stores and farmers markets for our vegetables and fruits.

Growing your own vegetables lowers the cost of providing your family with chemical free, healthy and organic vegetables. It provides wholesome activity and lasting memories in our children. Having kids plant seeds, watch them sprout and grow into large plants and then harvest the vegetables that they must eat teaches them that hard work, determination and sticking with projects is great and beneficial. It also instills in our children an understanding of the natural cycles of weather, growth and renewal.

On the bases of this, BACDU-USA, Georgia Chapter is embarking on a small-scale organic backyard garden project. This will involve our children so they can begin to appreciate the values and take pleasure in gardening at an early age.

Certainly, we shall update you as we go through the different phases.

By Tata Adolf Ebile.