Symbolism of the BACDU Logo

  • The BACDU Logo has two circles in which the name of the union is written in full as follows: BAKUNDU CULTURAL AND DEVELOPMENT UNION on the upper side and the abbreviation BACDU follows.

  • At the Centre of the circle is the NYAMA weed ( Irish Spring ) and PEMBE ( white clay ). These are the major symbols of Peace and Unity for the BAKUNDU PEOPLE.

  • The other items at the Centre of the circle are a small drum, two traditional brooms and a pair of traditional gongs. The drum and gongs are rallying instruments while the broom symbolizes Unity. This is because many broom sticks are difficult to break while it is easier to break a single stick.

  • At the bottom, is the inscription KUNDU CHA BAKUNDU (which could be translated as “THE GENERAL ASSEMBLY OF THE BAKUNDU PEOPLE” ). The white chalk or clay ( Pembe ), is a sign of Fertility.

Meet The Executive Board

Nathaniel Bebe
Nathaniel BebeChairman / CEO
Adolf Esimo Ebile
Adolf Esimo EbileSecretary General
Dr. Elvis Moleka
Dr. Elvis MolekaPublic Relations Officer
Catherine Nwengella
Catherine NwengellaCultural Coordinator
Ferdinand Kinye Moiti
Ferdinand Kinye MoitiAssist Sec. General
Daniel Esoe
Daniel EsoeChief Financial Officer
Henry Namata Dienga
Henry Namata DiengaTreasurer