Nathaniel M. Bebe
Chairman/CEO BACDU USA Inc.

A Word of welcome presented by BACDU-USA Inc. Chairman/CEO during the 18th National annual convention Holding in Frankfort Kentucky on the 1st day of July 2023.

Mr. Secretary General
Members of the executive Committee
Bakundu Title Holders
Brothers and Sister of the Bakundu Tribe
Invited Guests

Once again it is my great pleasure to welcome each and everyone to this 18th National annual BACDU USA Inc. Convention holding here in the capital city of Frankfort in the State of Kentucky.

I want to use this opportunity to thank our committed brothers and sisters in Frankfort Kentucky for all their efforts and endeavors to the hosting of this very important 18th national annual convention of BACDU USA Inc. They are in fact, a people to be reckoned with because they have not given room for self.

This important working session grouping will reflect and ponder on a variety of issues most importantly to raise funds to facilitate the empowerment of our youth population with technical and entrepreneurial skills enabling them to open businesses of their own based on the fast changing of the economic situation of the our society and in the same sense of reasoning to review and proactively translate our convention theme which states “Sustainable Cultural and economic development for the Bakundu communities into a pragmatic reality.

During the course of this meeting the leadership of BACDU USA Inc. of which all of us are partners tied to the same stake will engage in a purposeful dialogue which will be reflective on how best we can strategize our resources for the optimal betterment of the Bakundu people and their communities. I sincerely hope that the little time we will have to spend together as a close bonded family especially for those of us who were able to make will go a long way to strengthen our ties and to give us a fuller understanding and sense of belonging why we should have to commit, recommit to a common cause especially that of giving back to our communities and not forgetting where we come from to the extent of understanding that a peoples culture is their identity. Identifying ourselves to culture will give us the power and authority to be stable in a destabilized world and will enable us to walk in boldness in a world full of fear and disaster.

My brothers and sisters even though BACDU-USA Inc is an independent entity based on legally based principles, it is also an instrument of development in any community. To put it into perspective it is capital in itself which when well managed and put to work it will be very productive and will benefit the community because no individual owns it. It is owned by the community as a whole in this case the Bakundu community. Let us not shy away from it and point fingers to other forces making it a reason to slide away from. Let us use it to help surmount our tribal challenges because these tribal challenges are simply difficult tasks that test the ability, skill and commitment of a people and we can as a people know that great opportunities are wrapped in great challenges. Remember as I once said during one of our come together, that half- hearted commitment can be considered as an act of ignorance. We are all children of one tribe which implies that we have a common heritage and this alone should touch our hearts and unite us more than anything with the knowledge that charity begins at home. One of the most referenced authors Sir Thomas Browne and English Physician and a theologian stated thus “ But how shall we expect charity towards others when we are uncharitable to ourselves, charity begins at home is the voice of the world” Let us know that charity is love and love begins in our homes and in our roots and this should be blended with commitment. It is about time to start learning how to cherish, nuture and groom that which is ours first before venturing out.

My fellow tribes people the Bakundus are not only reasonable but are a people conscience thus we cannot accept to resign our obligations and responsibilities by refusing to align, commit and to be part of what identifies us. Hope our mentality will begin to change and be adjusted to measure up to a reasonable people and a people of conscience that we are. People tell those who are not here either by design or other wise that it is high time they don’t shy away from their identity. Let them join those who are already here to help propagate their culture and identify themselves with their people. Register now and pay your dues and join us to look for better ways to improve and better ourselves and our people.

Finally I will like to express my heartfelt gratitude to all of you who have supported and partnered me and this “effort” to attain these even though slow but the strides have been steady with a very limited committed people. We have together with this consistent small group transformed BACDU USA since its creation in November 29th 2004 in Frankfort Kentucky into a non for profit entity and we are proud to indicate that we are presently sponsoring at 100% four youths (there girls and a boy) in Cameroon Opportunity Industrialization Center (Cameroon OIC) in different technical and Vocational disciplines and plan to continue with the program to include more youths. These four youths come from four of the thirty- seven Bakundu villages in the South western Region of Cameroon.

I pray and ask the Almighty God the giver and provider of life to continue to bless us as individuals and BACDU USA Inc as an entity whose main goal is to bring us together for developmental purposes. I also ask for journey mercies back to your various destinations for those of you who have come from out of states.
Thank you all very Sincerely and welcome to the 18th national annual BACDU USA Inc convention of 2023.

May God bless BACDU USA Inc.
May God Bless the USA
Long live BACDU USA Inc and its people
Long live the people of the USA

Nathaniel M. Bebe
Chairman/CEO BACDU USA Inc.
117 White Cliffs Lane
Frankfort KY 40601
502 319 1362