The BACDU COIC- Sponsorship Program

By Adolf Esimo Ebile

GOAL: The focus of this program is the underprivileged Bakundu Youths who don’t see the future of continuing their education, sustaining themselves and that of their families due to all the odds surrounding them. The goal of the program is centered on equipping at least one youth in every Bakundu Village with technical and marketable skills which will enable them make a living by establishing small and medium size businesses of their choice but related to their fields of study while providing services to their respective communities as well.

PROJECTS: To achieve this goal BACDU-USA, Inc. proposed the following interventions,
projects or phases:

Phase 1Train and provide 100% sponsorship to qualified students into an established vocational institution. BACDU-USA members unanimously agreed to sponsor their tuition, accommodation, uniforms, books, and provide a monthly allowance until their completion from the institution. The Cameroon Opportunity Industrialization Center (CIOC), Buae, was selected.

With the help of BACDU-USA country representative, four students gained admission (3 females and 1 male) from four different Bakundu villages in the following fields – Textile and fashion, Catering and Hotel Management, and Auto mechanics.

This first of students did extremely well and BACDU-USA is preparing to sponsor the next batch of students into COIC. See the students displaying their skills (photos)

Phase 2 – Assist the students gain employment in established businesses to perfect their skills, enhance their knowledge, and gain experiences. Currently, the Management of BACDU-USA is in contact with this first batch of students to follow-up their progress. After gaining experience in their respective fields BACDU-USA eventually assist these individuals establish their own businesses at a small scale.

Phase 3 – Assist individuals establish a support network to share information amongst themselves, and with local and international organizations. Exploit orportunities for development.

Reported by:
Adolf Ebile
Secretary General.